The Five Best Tips For Nailing Your Dip Mani

Written by: Sami S.


It’s Sami here, back with the best! Have you taken notes on what works for your Revel mani and what doesn’t? Do you still occasionally struggle with not getting the manicure you’ve hoped for?  I have been through it all- the chipping, the lifting, the bubbles- all of it! Working with Revel, watching our Youtube videos and watching our social media lives, I've learned quickly on what to do and what not to do to achieve a perfect manicure! Today I am going to share with you my top 5 tips for nailing your Revel Nail Mani!



1. Nail Prep

Prepping your nails is crucial to get a long lasting manicure. Make sure your nails don’t have any excess oils on them by buffing, filing and using acetone! Check out our Nail Prep Video for a more in depth process of a great nail prep!


2. Cuticles

When I first started using Revel Nail Dip Powder, I would catch myself putting Pro Base on the entire nail onto the cuticle line. I quickly realized that the bottom edges of my manicure would result in lifting and getting caught in my hair. Watching the Facebook Lives, I quickly learned to start putting Pro Base about two thirds onto my nail for the first round and then on the second round, putting Pro Base as close to the cuticle line as possible, but never on the cuticle line. Using this trick has helped create more of a solid sloped mani on the cuticle line and allows my manicure to last at least three weeks!


3. The amount of dips

This is more of a personal preference of mine, but a great tip I have learned by trial and error- which is to dip at least three times per mani! I personally like the thicker, more pigmented manicures. Dipping three times instead of two, has given me less chipping, thicker nails that last longer through all of my house renovating projects and the color of dip chosen is more vibrant or higher pigmented.


4. Activator

The Activator is KEY when it comes to having a long lasting mani! The Activator allows the seal around the edges of your nail to prevent chipping, lifting and uneven edges. Make sure you place a good amount of Activator around all edges of your nail to prevent this. Another pro tip: make sure your Activator is completely dried before buffing!


5. Buff Buff Buff

Last but not least, buffing is CRUCIAL for a smooth manicure finish. When applying your Activator, let it fully dry and then go to town on your buffing! I use our Revel Nail Brilliant Buffer Block along with the 150 Nail Grit File for the edges. I continue to buff until I see a smooth transition along the edges and a flat surface. Before using Revel, I used to avoid buffing my nails at all costs- but now that I have used Revel products and I have seen the difference in my manicures with buffing and not buffing- it has changed my love for buffing. I buff religiously when it comes to my manicures and it’s sooo worth it!


Now that I have shared with you my top five tips for nailing a Revel Mani, what are your top tips and tricks?! Be sure to tag us by clicking Here to upload your photo or by sharing on social media with the #YesRevelNail.