How to Apply Tips

Written by: Alexa D.

Are your nails too short? Are your nails not the right shape for the manicure you want to create? Or, do you just want a change? Nail tips are an easy way to switch up your manicure, and it’s very easy to do. To help you create a manicure with tips, here are some Revel Nail approved tip application steps, using the tools from our Revel Nail Tool Kit, and our Step One Pro Base and our Step Two Activator. Click here for a step-by-step video from Gabby Morris to help you along. Gabby used our Revel Dip Powder color D407 Aloha to complete her manicure.


    • Prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and buffing all your nails. You could also use a cuticle remover instead of pushing back your cuticles. It all depends on whatever you prefer.
    • Find the correct size nail tip for all of your fingers. It can get hard combing through your pile of tips with your extra-long nails, so I recommend finding all the sizes you need for each nail first. It’s also important to fight the right size tip, not too big and not too small. However, if you can’t find a perfect fit for your nail, you can file the sides of the tip to fit your nail.
    • Apply a swipe of your Step One Pro Base to the end of the nail tip. (The side that is going to be stuck to your nail.) Then attach the tip to your nail and hold it until it dries to prevent making the nail crooked. It should take around 30 seconds.
    • Apply your Step Two Activator where the tip meets the nail to help secure it even more.
    • Now shape and file the sides and top of your nail tip. If you want to save time, I recommend cutting it. If you cut the tip, make sure to keep it longer than the size you want because you will still need to shape and file the tip to get your desired shape.
    • Buff the shine off the tip to help the powder stick to your nail. Make sure to not buff your natural nails this time. Then use a brush to dust off the fillings.
    • Optional: Add a dehydrating liquid to your natural nail.
    • Apply Step One Pro Base onto ¾ of your nail and tip. (Don’t put it too close to the cuticle because this will cause lifting.) Then dip into our clear dip powder, D75 Vivien, to make the transition from your nail tip to your natural nail, flawless.
    • Brush off any excess powder and buff the clear coat a little to smooth it out.
    • Then use a brush to dust off the excess and dip your nails like you usually would. Click here to watch out full Home-User Tutorial.

Peach Dip Powder Manicure | How to Apply Tips |  Revel Nail

Peach Dip Powder Manicure | How to Apply Tips | Revel Nail